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Why Alibaba Made the Router and AR Platform?

By ESC Editorial Team, over 5 years ago Business
Why Alibaba Made the Router and AR Platform?

The internet business, in the final analysis is a traffic business. Internet companies always find ways to get traffic into their hands, and that is why many hardware vendors want to develop software while software vendors want to get involved in hardware. The traffic flow is very important, so everyone wants to build a moatfor their traffic. 

Ali Artificial Intelligence Laboratory released a new Router named LynxRouting M1 at the annual Hangzhou Yunqi Conference (The Computing Conference 2017). Before this, another piece of hardware was also released by the AI Lab, which was not established for a while. The hardware is a smart voice speaker named Lynx Wizard X1, which definitely refers to Amazon Echo speakers and Google Home speakers. And Lynx routing X1 is based on Google WiFi smart router.

As a $199 router, Lynx Routing M1 uses Qualcomm's main chip, plus Bluetooth chip, supports 2.4G and 5G dual-band, built-in 5 antenna and is claiming to cover 150 square metres of a home or office.

You don’t need to worry about signal dead ends even when you bought a 300 square metres of apartment, Lynx Routing M1 can organise the network by itself, it can also support up to 256 connection points, which means you can invite dozens of friends to your home party and all of them can connect to the internet without any problem.

After the release of Lynx WizardX1, many hotels are purchasing it as a supplement to their guest services, so we can see this Lynx router also can be helpful to corporate services.

Lynx routing also has an open tool integration protocol to facilitate rapid discovery and networking equipment. There are many companies producing their own production gateway, and in the future these companies can directly integrate their own protocols to Lynx routing inside and share home gateway capabilities. This Lynx routing program, with its integrated enterprise network services, will also be open to hotels, properties and other industries.

For use at home, Lynx routing can enhance the network experience. With cutting-edge computing capabilities, Lynx routing identifies real-time usage scenarios and automatically provides speed optimisation solutions. For example, for smart home devices, Lynx routing will automatically allocate fragmented traffic; Lynx routing intelligently adjusts network transport policies in some specific scenarios such as games and videos. Lynx routing gives exclusive speed optimisation for the top 10 games on the current market.

Although AR and AI are generally considered to be two different technologies, the common point is ‘computer vision’.

After Lynx Routing M1, Ali Artificial Intelligence Laboratory also released a AR Open Platform, which will provide developers with core capabilities as 2D recognition tracking, 3D recognition tracking, content creation platform and high-quality rendering engine. Developers can quickly create AR content by bringing in the development suite, without worrying about developing algorithms, using sensors, GPU optimisation, and more.

AI Lab also released an AR content platform - Ali fire eyes, AR content created by developers can be directly released to Ali fire eyes. After both Google and Apple launched the underlying AR development tools, Ali launched the platform in order to reduce the development threshold of AR technology, and to get involved in both technology and content platforms.

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