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Jack Ma’s Relentless Pursuit of Life Success

By ESC Editorial Team, over 5 years ago People
Jack Ma’s Relentless Pursuit of Life Success

How to be successful? Let’s see what Yu MinHong and Jack Ma said. 

[Yu Minhong, or Michael Yu, is the founder and president of New Oriental Education & Technology Group Ind. in China. More information about Yu Minhong can be read here:]

“I did much better than Jack Ma at the beginning.” Michael Yu said, “I was admitted to the Peking University after trying three times, while Jack had taken the college entrance exam for three times with a score of 79, which was still 5 points less than needed to reach the undergraduate score. Jack was finally admitted to the junior college education of Hangzhou Normal College.” (In China, the Peking University is more famous and provides better education service than the Hangzhou Normal College.)

“After college life, both of Jack and I started our own businesses, namely providing English training courses to the people. It turned out that I was successful but Jack failed.

This is not the end of both our stories. I had mentioned in one of my books that success in life is a relentless pursuit for all of us. Now you can see what is going on in our lives. Alibaba’s market value is $272.8 billion whilst New Oriental is worth $7.5 billion. Theres is a big difference of $200 billion between us…”

With a big sigh, Michael Yu continued, “I admire Jack Ma so much. Jack never stops pursuing the success of his life even though he suffered frustration so many times. As you may know, Jack and I have taken three years to pass the college entrance exam. But whilst I was lucky to get the undergraduate admission to the Peking University, Jack only entered the junior education at the Hangzhou Normal College. Receiving a better college education doesn’t mean you will do better than the others in the future.

In the past I often thought about the differences between us to find out what makes us so different today. I have finally figured out the reason: “the more times you fail, the more forceful and braver you will become”. Jack Ma is such a kind of person with a strong and forceful spirit to experience failure so many times and to keep working to be finally successful. I was not like that. But afterward, I learned this from my friends and trained myself to be such a person.”

In a speech, Jack Ma shared his successful experience and mentioned the business philosophy of Lotus Rule: “In a lotus pond, only a few lotuses bloom on the first day. On the second day, the number of the flowering lotuses doubles. The figure keeps increasing at this speed, and on the 30th day, the lotuses fill the whole pond. On which day do half the lotuses in the pond bloom?

The 15th day? No, it is the 29th. This is called the Lotus Rule, also known as 30 Days Rule. Life is sometimes the same as the growth process of those lotuses. You start with incredible energy but it seems that things progress very slowly, so gradually you feel discouraged or bored and give up on the 9th day, 19th day or even the 29th day before you reach the destination. However, you are just one step away from the desired results. 

It is a fact that perseverance rather than luck and intelligence help you through the last barrier towards success. A lifetime is too long whilst a second is too short. 30 days is just right. In theory, you might encounter 7 opportunities that could give you powerful success but most of them appear in the later stage of your actions. If you do not devote consistency and patience they will just pass you by in a flash.”

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