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Ant Financial’s Technology Brings New Opportunities to Small Businesses in China

By ESC Editorial Team, over 5 years ago Business
Ant Financial’s Technology Brings New Opportunities to Small Businesses in China

One of People’s Daily posts in 2017 talked about “marketing for the living”. Every day millions of small business owner go to the streets in China, selling their goods and services to feed their families. As capillaries of the real economy of society, they also suffer from the dilemma of financial services costs and efficiencies. The technology’s development has created the opportunities to meet their financial needs.

For example, there is a young man who came from the foot of Mount Everest in Tibet and runs a small teahouse in his tent on the mountain. With the mobile Internet and mobile payments, there are many customers from all over the world to find him and buy his teas and other tea-related items. What he has to do is to sit in his tent, serve his customers online and complete the orders in a short time. It is like what merchants do in the big cities, spending less time for marketing, payment processing, and goods delivery. Apart from that, the young man has saved money cost on the shop’s rent. 

Another story is about a couple’s careers which have been transformed by the digital bankiing technology. The couple from Kunming, Yunnan Province, China, founded a television company while studying at college. They were supported by the online merchant bank, which provides “310” microcredit loan experience. The “310” microcredit load means that people can make the online application in 3 minutes, get the loan in 1 second and none(zero) manual intervention in the whole process. In this way, the young couple submitted application eleven times and each time received a small loan of tens of thousands of Chinese yuan. 

But if there is a loan application through the off-line bank, it usually takes several months for people to receive the loan after application, personal securities, credit worthiness and approval of the loan. In comparison, the online bank loan application saves people a lot of time.

With the development of mobile internet technology, big data, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing, the business model has radically improved. While reducing the cost of storing and marketing goods, it improves the efficiency of order processing and delivery. These changes give us new opportunities to start and grow small businesses, like reaching the users and potential clients through social networks, friends share and recommend links, as well as the top public and personal media channels. 

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