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Alibaba has opened its AR platform and content platform since 2017

By ESC Editorial Team, over 5 years ago Business
Alibaba has opened its AR platform and content platform since 2017

In the Computing Conference this year, Alibaba’s AI Laboratory excited the pubic with a lot of technological innovations. It has been one year since the general manager of Alibaba’s AI Laboratory officially announced that Alibaba’s AR platform would be open to the public. It is said that the AR open platform would be attributed to the developer platform of AliGenie which is famous for its popular product Tmall Genie and now has covered the areas of music, smart home control, shopping top-up and even children education.

According to Alibaba, it has taken three years for their team to build the AR technology and it was used in the Tmall Double 11 Shopping Carnival in 2015 for the first time. Now Alibaba will have its technologies to identify and track, content production platform and core capacities on high-quality render engines available to the whole industry aiming to share the dividends that AR technology has brought to the society.

From the data that Alibaba disclosed, we can see that the conversion rate of commodity and content sharing rate have greatly improved after the commodity is displayed by AR. In the Double 11 Shopping Carnival in 2015, the conversion rate of electrical household appliance increased by 30% while the content sharing increased by 10%.

At the same time Ali AI Laboratory released the AR content platform - Alibaba Fire Eye, on which developers can directly create and publish their AR content. Alibaba also said that it would provide cash rewards and commercial resources for developers who produce excellent AR content.

With the debut of Apple’s latest handset and IOS 11, AR application would be increasingly anticipated and used by users. Alibaba choosing to launch AR open platform is not only to grab the market for AR shopping but more importantly, to increase the number of AR applications and attract more AR developers into Alibaba to help expand its market share. 

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